Pizza Pizza at your door in 30 minutes!


  • Maximum delivery time is 30 minutes for the orders of 3 or less pizzas or menu orders.

  • There is no pork or pork product use in Pizza Pizza items. All meat products used in Pizza Pizza have quality certificates.

  • 30 minutes guarantee time is valid except for the exception conditions specified at, such as regions out of warranty zones or bulk orders or bad weather conditions.

  • In case your order is redirected to another branch, the 30 minutes delivery guarantee will start at the moment the second branch receives your order.

  • Pizza Pizza does not charge its staff for late delivered orders.

  • Avarage delivery time is around 30 to 60 minutes for night orders and there is no 30 minutes delivery guarantee.

  • Warranty covered orders delivered late than 30 minutes are charged free.

  • If the instant delivery time specified on the restaurant page is more than 30 minutes, there is no 30 minutes guarantee.

  • 30 minutes delivery guarantee is valid for security or reception of the shcools, hospitals, business centers etc.

  • If there is missing or wrong information in address writing, there is no 30 minutes delivery guarantee. Please write correct street name and building number etc.

  • In need of repayment, you need to hand back the receipt of the order and the credit card payment to the delivery attendant.

  • There is no 30 minutes delivery guarantee for public areas as parks, pools, marketplaces, playgrounds etc.

  • There is no 30 minutes delivery guarantee on special promotion days, special days as New Year’s Day, feast days, public holidays etc.

  • In order to benefit from 30 minutes guarantee, you have to get in touch with in 60 minutes after you receive your order. Latter applications will be declared null by Pizza Pizza.

  • If the refund is approved, refund will be maid the same day according to the restaurant’s availability.

  • 30 minutes delivery guarantee is valid for the delivery areas of the restaurant from which the order is placed, and for the safety of the delivery personnel the delivery regions are limited.